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publication date:2018-03-16 08:02.

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I have tried a few Strawberry and Creams and I keep going back to this as imo is balanced perfectly ! I let it steep until the color changes and I m good to go. Thanks VW for keeping the vape community supplied with awesome juice at an affordable price !

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Got this as a free sample with my order and it s awesome!

I love this flavor as it is but I got adventurous and added in some chocolate and it took it to a whole new
It was like those chocolate covered strawberries you get for mothers day (or fathers day)

I started with this flavor. I got the presteeped bottle. It was very smooth and tasty. I figured i would get a big batch and let it steep myself well this turned out to be a very good idea as it steeps in about 7-8 days. This makes me very happy as i have no patience. The vape taste really good and it is very smooth. My adv.

This is the best stuff ever. I ordered a 65ml sample, and can t wait until my next order so I can get a larger size! I normally go for a big jumble of flavors, so when two simple flavors taste so good, it must be that Vape Wild wizardry!

This is my all day vape such a good juice I can t get enough of it

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