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New details in shooting death of Kansas man near Sedona

publication date:2018-02-14 10:03.

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Great post. You have the same questions a lot of us moons have.

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oh and mike your idea on entering the tor network from a far off location will work just fine. All you need to do is get a shell on the machine that you want to run from then control it remotely, lol

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i tell you
6 buy a good vpn service that you trust and dont keep logs
7 boot in tails
8 configure vpn
9 use tor
. a small story after 66/9 the intelegent services had to take all internet under control and prevent terrors before only in first level of preparation in the time that someone search the info how to create a terror a bomb are something else.
due to a huge traffic it was impossible to analyze all that in right time so tools like tails was created that they have straight the right interested i mean info.
coming direct from tails are other simulare os.

You - VPN (startNode) - Tor - VPN (exitNode) - Internet

All networks, but especially public wifi networks are vulnerable to traffic analysis. Put this together with the fact that some internet service providers monitor your activity to some level, and you can see why it might be a good idea to always use an encrypted method of using the internet. At the very least to protect your personal information when you are entering credit cards, usernames and passwords, as well as other personal data online. Again, especially if you are using a public wifi network.

Another thing to consider however, is using a VPN does hide your internet activity from your internet service provider. It can also hide the fact that you are using TOR, which may flag some suspicion when the feds start asking ISPs to provide data about their users. This may or may not be relevant, since many people use TOR and you can argue there are many legitimate reasons to use TOR and nothing suspicious about TOR. But it is just another factor to arouse suspicion that may or may not come into play and should be considered.

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Typically people Hide Tor within a VPN Tunnel because ISPs (like Comcast/TimeWarner/AT& T) dont like it and it can be used to identify you using traffic correlation depending on circumstances. An example would be the Harvard kid that used Tor to send in a Bomb threat to the school. Problem was, he was the only house in the state at the time using the Tor network.

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