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Hi Will, I would always favour a Varnish, it is the white matting agent in the product that can sometimes give the appearance of a cloud, or misting, but this is only really noticeable in very dark colours.

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Hi Susan,
You can use a gel coating to bring all the elements together in a unified film, so it is just for aesthetic reasons than anything else.

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Hi Simon, sounds like an amazing piece, Heavy molding paste from Golden paints can be shaped into hard shapes that can then be carved by hand when dry. You can mix in paint to the molding paste to give the green effect, but the surface texture would be satin.

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Hi Toby, Yes, if you use a heavy gel or even a Molding paste gel you will be able to add texture and then paint ontop with the same colours. Hope your wife likes her painting!

Hi Tressa, you could use an artist quality PVA and mix with plaster (that you 8767 d use at home for wall repairs), then you can change the ratio of PVA to make it more flexible, but too much PVA can give a shiny surface for the subsequent paint layers to adhere to.

In some cases, especially for a person doing a gallbladder flush for the first time, the gallstones are packed so tight that they have difficulty moving out. In this situation, one may have to repeat the olive oil/lemon juice procedure and eat vegetables for an extra day. As well, Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) which dilate the bile duct may be helpful. The Epsom salt solution, prepared by dissolving 8 teaspoons of Epsom salt in 6 cup of warm water, should be taken about one-and-a-half to two hours before repeating the olive oil and lemon juice procedure. I personally dislike Epsom salts because they are harsh on the kidneys, so I would recommend them only if you feel you definitely need them.

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