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Latin names are not required and the archaic notion that veg growing is a “blue job” and cooking “pink” has been booted well and truly into the long grass. In its place is an ever-expanding range of edibles bred for our plots and our pots. If you’re just starting out, here’s what you need to know.

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A big country cousin of the leek, with a crunchy swollen base and mild flavour. There are two other types of garlic: softnecks (such as ‘Provence White’) which are easy to grow in spring, and hardnecks (like ‘Early Purple White’) which tend to need deadheading and have fewer but larger, more pungent cloves. This type is good for planting now. Trowel out shallow holes deep enough to bury the clove but leave its papery nose sniffing the air above the soil. Then cover with sticks or net to keep off the birds until leaves grow. Always plant extra for a supply of the mild and delicately flavoured leaves through winter.

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‘Apero’ and ‘Black Krim’ have the best flavour but always make space for the less interesting but reliable and early ‘Tumbler’ and ‘Gardener’s Delight’. They produce even if the summer is poor.

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Check out James Wong’s new seed range that includes colourful and reliable callaloo , popcorn and chop suey greens , along with ‘ Electric Daisies ’ – edible flowers that taste of “fizzy sherbet and nine-volt batteries”!

T here has never been a more interesting time for edible gardening. It is right on so many levels. It saves money, saves the planet and satisfies our epicurean appetites. Edible gardening is an opportunity to grow interesting flavours fresher than money can buy. It is the key to children being more adventurous with food. If they grow it, they will eat it – and that’s exciting.

Now is a good time to sow seeds of the cabbage clan (swede, red cabbage, broccoli) to eat cress-style in salads or sandwiches. Broad bean and pea shoots are delicious wilted in butter. Grow all-year in seed trays on a windowsill indoors.

This is sufficient to stop even persistent weeds regrowing, but is soft enough to cut through with a trowel when you are ready to plant pot-grown veg and fruit.

Unlike crazes of the past, such as decking and blue fences, a cohort of trowel-carrying cooks has created the current enthusiasm for home-grown. I think it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall have not only raised sales of vegetable seeds above those of flowers they have brought many beginners into gardening.

K eeping your plot neat and tidy by clearing weeds and leaves gets rid of the places where molluscs hide. Don’t have long grass or dense flower borders adjacent to your veg plot as slugs hidden within will mount night-time raids on your crops.

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