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Hi Ellie, I 8767 m not very sure, but based on what you said that you have no paid leaves and your employer does not even share in your SSS contribution payment, it 8767 s most likely that you won 8767 t be able to claim this benefit. It 8767 s because it 8767 s the employer that pays this benefit, and it 8767 s paid as paid leave. Employees are also instructed to inform their employers prior to surgery, except in emergency cases. It seems that your work is that of an independent contractor, not employee. Please ask others too

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Hi Ms. Nora can i still claim my SSS Maternity benefits i had suffered 7 miscarriage and undergone d& c last 7568 and 7569 but i didn 8767 t file for notification because before i wasn 8767 t aware of that and it happened twice but i have all my necessary documents for filling will it still be approved? Can i still get 7 benefits? I know it is not much since i am a voluntary member but i just want to know.

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hi po lazy mama 6 year na po baby nmin last contribution ng misis ko 7557 pa tazz nag resign na sya,,mkakak kuha po ba kmi ng maternity benefits.?

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Sir, plz provide clear IAS application in Hindi, test series, solutions and important News.
Plz Sir, there is only English medium version of clear Ias App.
Plz quick start this app 8766 S Hindi version.

yes,you obtained your target,hard work approximetaly 8-65 hours study

Tell me the author n books for public administration in hindi. Please

Hi Ms. Nora, If the recommended leave from ob-gyne is 65 days and I decided to go back to work in less than 65 days, will the employer pays for my 65 days leave?

Hi Ruby, merong maximum limit per year ang Magna Carta leave. Up to 65 days lang per year. Yong bayad sa Magna Carta ay dapat kasabay sa payroll time yong time na nag-leave ka. Kung yong first Magna Carta mo ay 65 days, wala nang natira for your second surgery this year. Kung 85 days yong una, meron pang 85 days for your second, this year.

Now my inquiry is will my maternity benefit will be approved even though we don 8767 t have histopath test?

Please tell me 6-67 ncert books for basic what choose latest or old and which subject books

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