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The Court can order the defendant to pay such costs as it thinks "just and reasonable". An order should be made where the defendant has the means to pay.

To execute or not: A question of cost? - US news - Crime

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Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition - Letter M

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All parties to the prosecution police, lawyers and witnesses need to be clear that the criminal trial process is not there to 8766 give closure 8767 or act as some form of therapy for someone making an allegation. Such a position may or may not be a by-product of the proceedings, but that is not their purpose. The purpose of a criminal trial process is to determine the guilt or otherwise of the accused person, and nothing more.

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At the stage of sentencing the prosecutor has an important responsibility to assist the court to reach its decision as to the appropriate sentence. That role also extends to protecting the victim's interests in the acceptance of pleas and the sentencing exercise.

Kent Scheidegger, legal director of the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation, a pro-capital-punishment group, said, "Having an effective appeals process might very well cost less."

If HMCTS are sitting cases outside traditional court hours, this will be for the convenience of HMCTS and no one else.

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The courts rely on barristers accepting late returns such as this, in order to keep the courts functioning and allow them to continue to ignore the availability of instructed counsel when carrying out their listing functions. Frankly, had I known that this was an 8766 elected 8767 case when my clerks rang me and asked me to take it over, I would have said no. The risk of being stiffed for £699 if your client decides to change their plea to guilty, or if you have to advise them to do so, is too high. Imagine if everyone refused to take such a case on the same basis

In the current media climate, this is not a popular occupation. Defendants in sex trials, and their counsel, have become the subject of a cacophony of caterwauling, and the protest from certain quarters has reached new levels of shrill in the past couple of weeks. Since the Ched Evans re-trial result, in fact.

I 8767 ve already started considering how I could shoehorn in an abuse argument the next time one of my s96 applications is refused. And the content of p757, in which Wells deals with arguments about the disobedience of court orders, is probably something which I will consider for my next tattoo. Though I wonder if any Defence counsel out there have noticed the CPS being subjected to any 8775 reduced tolerance for failure to comply with court directions 8776 from the courts? I certainly haven 8767 t.

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