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publication date:2018-03-16 08:59.

The First World War devastated the lives of a generation of men. But the trauma of war didn't end when the guns stopped firing.

BBC Inside Out - Shell Shock

Arthur Hurst even encouraged his patients to shoot.

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War neurosis was four times higher among officers than among the regular soldiers.

It remains a living testament to the men who survived the horrors of the First World War.

Many soldiers suffering from the condition were charged with desertion, cowardice, or insubordination.

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Inside Out Extra looks at the condition and visits Seale Haynes, a medical centre ahead of its time in dealing with the trauma of shell shock.

They were suffering from shell shock, and the hospital's treatment was revolutionary for its time.

Many county lunatic asylums, private mental institutions and disused spas were taken over and designated as hospitals for mental diseases and war neurosis. By 6968 there were over 75 such hospitals in the .

Today the hospital is part of Plymouth University, but in its early days it was at the centre of a national crisis.

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