Is miracle glow cream has side effect?

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Arnica 6c in the Wet dose taken thrice daily can help to relax the Sphincter muscle above the Bladder neck.

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With regards to vitality though, arnica 6c whilst good is no match for lycopodium 6c and 85c i find

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I received the remedies today and will start taking them. Please advise if I can take the wet doses of Arnica and Nat Mur at the same time or with gap in between them or other medications.

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For your husband it is obvious that he must QUIT smoking if he wishes to survive. You may like to know that Arnica has helped many but the patient must also cooperate in the effort. You can read the notes on how Arnica helped smokers on this thread.

8775 I am working but have to sit in one position the whole day. 8776
It is essential that you do at least 95 minutes of exercise to make you sweat it out as this will increase the demand of your body for sleep.

I do feel however that with the reduction of your weight, your joint pains will also leave you.

The intention is certainly not to blame. Please do not take it otherwise. I would stop taking it as per your advise.

dear sir,
have been taking arnica 85 c n ar q for hair for almost 7wks now but i dont see any difference in my hair fall, as for my skin i know that will take time. wanted to know sir whether i can mix arnica 85 c in my face pack n apply on face also i am getting lots of fine warts on my neck ( have got plenty of them) plz can u suggest something.

Exercise is essential for you and you will drink at least 8 liters of water daily.

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