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publication date:2018-02-15 06:35.

YAY!!!! Congrats. Are you finding out the gender? Also, did NOT know about the new house. How did I miss that?! xo

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Congratulations!!! Such a lovely news. Lots of exciting times ahead :) In a couple of years time you might be making some yummy toddler/ kids meals ideas, that would be great -)
Hope your pregnancy goes well, enjoy every moment. Nothing more beautiful than having a baby.

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Angela, congrats!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!
yay for September babies!! excited to enjoy this special journey with you :)

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After a not-so-good day at school, I came home feeling pretty down in the dumps. I knew that I shouldn 8767 t procrastinate from my homework and check my Pinterest, but against my better judgement, I did it anyway. And boy, am I glad that I did! After reading this post, I was so overjoyed that I actually started to tear up! Thank you so much for making my day infinitely times better.

Wow, this is such amazing news Angela! So happy for both of you! Wish you the best pregnancy with all that delicious food! All the best :)

Congratulations to you and Eric!! What a unique and beautiful way to tell Eric!!!

Congrats! That 8767 s great news! I 8767 m excited to hear more about your pregnancy journey!

Wow that is such awesome news. Congratulations! Given how much love, energy and passion you pour into your blog, I can only imagine how great you will be at parenthood.

So exciting!! Thanks for letting us know and I am hopeful for a smooth, enjoyable pregnancy & delivery.

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