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then I can talk to my mom for our marriage "No. !Believe me it’s not an aap divorce lay rahe ho to I can talk to Mom for our marriage." Truly speaking friends asking her for marriage was not at all planned at my end, I spoke out whatever came in my mind to attract her but Bhabhi reacted adverse "Aap pagal ho gaye ho kya? Mera ek Aath saal ka beta hai…”

and in that fervor Bhabhi spoke out that she has not been fucked by him from last six months but in proper way “wo aise… ki Inhone bahut din se mere saath kuch nahin kiya hai” and like a real Harami I tried investigating what she just said “Kya nahin kiya hai?“. Hearing that Bhabhi blushed and I smiled shamelessly.

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“Bhaiya ne aapke alawa kisi aur ko Choda ho ya na Choda ho…I promise aapko zaroor koi aur Chodega …aur Ghodi banna ke Chodega” that’s what I murmured this time while looking at her ass.

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I mean as she asked to fuck I started digging her cunt with my thick cock and fucked her consistantly. May be two minutes and Jyoti Bhabhi started moaning louder. Oh Man! What was she looking while wheezing with lustful expression, eyes shut, mouth tore open and her face was turned red in fucking pleasure and watching her getting devastated, I went wild over her.

No reply for next few seconds, Bhabhi looked into my eyes consistantly without a flick and in the end asked me if I am serious about marriage "aap shaadi ko lekar serious ho kya?” Certainly I was not but anyhow could not say no and I said yes " serious hun." and after a pause I once again said that I really love her “main aapse sachmuch bahut pyar karta hun…”

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