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publication date:2018-03-16 19:33.

Braun Series 9 foil cutter head replacement cassette availability  is  no longer an issue :
check for the Braun 97s replacement head on Amazon.  Groom+style recommend buying the newer titanium coated head, model 97s, which is compatible with all Braun Series 9 shavers. Groom+Style believes that the shave from the Braun 9 is second to none. If you buy the product fully informed , and you are willing to pay the premium price for the shaver, cleaning solution and replacements heads then you should not be disappointed.

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For travelling the 9595cc, 9595cc, 9555cc, 799cc, 795cc and 765cc all come with a hard protective travel case which will protect the head of the shaver.

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Hello I am a single mom looking for a device that my 68 year can use for his mustache only. He had a Wahl and used it daily, the gold foil cracked in the corners and now he misplaced the device altogether. In my opinion, and I can be wrong, his mustache area seems to be a little darker (possibly ingrown hairs?) again I could be wrong. Either way, he is in need of a new device. I 8767 m thinking the devices mentioned in your very detailed and appreciated review may be too wide and awkward for using solely on the mustache area. Something thinner? One blade perhaps instead of 9 to 5 blades? Any suggestions? Please help!

Earlier we spoke of two types of men, the electric razor guy, and the manual razor guy. Dedicated users of electric shavers know there are two sub-groups among their number: those who prefer foil shavers and those who swear by rotary razors.

You son could also use the Braun Series 885S-9 shaver in the shower and even use shaving gel/foam for a wet shave it if helps him get a better shave of his moustache.

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Thank you for taking time to publish such an in depth review/tutorial on electric shavers. I am close to purchasing the Braun 9 series but have one question before I do. I currently shave my face and head with a regular razor, will any of the electric shavers here do the head or do I need to look into an electric shaver designed specifically for heads?

I 8767 m a fire fighter and happen to be African-American so shaving get isn 8767 t easy for me I found this to be very helpful especially the part at the end explaining which shaver might be the best for African Americans I was thinking about the braun 7 before I read this but know I 8767 m sure that I will be buying that soon. Thank you for your helpful information.

I use the Norelco 6755 for many years. Problem is when I went to buy replacement blades for it they 8767 re not available. I really like to shave it gave but really a bummer that you can 8767 t buy replacement blade for it.

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