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Dave Marsh

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All those arguments for purgatory also make a strong argument for drug use/addiction. That said, I 8767 m good with your interpretation as well.

Marlow Gunterman | Girl Underground

In a book I’ve been reading, it is said of a father whose daughter has died at about the same age you did, “Theo was the world’s greatest worrier, but the one thing he didn’t worry about anymore was whether or not his daughter was safe.”

Zadie Smith–“Dead Man Laughing” (New Yorker, December 22

Steve Earle began by lecturing his audience: “Let me make something extremely clear. Kiss is not cool, Kiss was never cool, Kiss will never be cool.”

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Wow, I bet that when this song was composed they never guessed how much dinner conversation the lyrics to this song would create.
One of the best songs ever!
Sandra Dee

Good to know (the Eagles were a pretty wild bunch)!
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Back home, Pete was not only immune to Beatlemania but hostile to folk-rock. Maybe it was because, as Pete said, he couldn’t hear the words due to the high volume but he should have known more about music than to use that to justify attacks on the songs themselves. I’m more inclined to think that he didn’t like “Maggie’s Farm” with the Butterfield Blues Band because of the loud absence of explicit social commentary and Pete’s acknowledged absence of feeling for post-war blues.

V Rev is Manchester City Centre's first and only 655% vegan eatery, established in 7566.

If you 8767 re willing to wait about a month , you can order a signed copy through the link at http:///heart.

Raves arrived immediately, but I don’t think anyone’s used the term that best describes it for me: Generosity. The speech gave far more than it took and it held back on self-promotion (granted that the entire speech was wrapped in Bruce’s persona, but I’ve already quoted the only reference to his new album.)

When Springsteen finishes, Michelle Moore steps out of the choir and delivers a rap. It’s written for an impoverished woman, a mother, but she could be that “Wrecking Ball” character (“You pray that hard times, hard times come no more”). Her prayer is simple: “That your best is good enough, the Lord will do the rest.” Still, in a sleepless night, faith curdles to doubt and “only silence meets your prayers / The morning breaks, you awake, there’s no one there.”

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