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Me and this boy dtaed for a moth before. I really loved him,he would call me baby girl and always every chance he got he woudl say that he loved me! I had another gut ask me out and I hated him. My best friend told me that if I didn 8767 t say yes she would hate me. The day the guy asked me out was me and the other boys one month! He sent me a long paragrpah about how much he loved me but then I broke up with him because of the girl. Dumb me! Me and the guy broke up two weeks later because I missed the other boy. Now my ex (the one I like) told me he was going to ask me out again! He 8767 s been tellign everyone he is but he 8767 s taking forever to ask me! Should I be scared?

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If you 8767 re the kind of woman who doesn 8767 t mind dishing out a good knock when she gets one, you can try play punching him back. Be warned that he might interpret this as – 8775 you 8767 re my friend and I 8767 m putting you in the friend zone 8776 or he might see it for what it is – an excuse to touch him!

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Even though it is NOT an exact science, it does help when there are signs that you can pick up on.


Would you like it if a girl you hate takes your guy away from you

He has a crush on you, but he doesn 8767 t know what love is. Don 8767 t worry, just tell him that you like him. He likes you too

He definitely likes you. Since he 8767 s the shy one, you should be the one to tell him you like him. Be straight forward and try to get him alone without anyone near because he might respond differently. But if he doesn 8767 t like you, you should still tell him about how you feel. I know this because I 8767 m that one person who knows everyone so I 8767 m the one who has to hook everyone up.

Make a move. Sometimes guys like the girl making the first move.

So I like a boy at school but im to in barest to ask him out what do ??

I have a crush on this guy named Zeus, he 8767 s my classmate and we both are boy scouts (in my place girls are allowed in boy scout) I have a ctush on him since we becamr classmates. Sometimes when teachers told us to pass paper, because he 8767 s always the one we pass papers on I often touch his hand and sometimes I became numb. I also saw him stiffened a little bit like he was uncomfortable. Because he was at my back, I always look at the left side and glance at him and he 8767 s looking at me too. When we 8767 re on a recess, he keeps following me when I go back to our classroom, he would do the same or sometimes he would touch my arm and say 8766 Hi 8767

Ok so I have this friend..right?
I know him since middle school. He freaking says he likes me but wants to be friends for now we flirt and whatever but I need to know how to make him say he wanys to date me im very confused. I want him only I fell in love with him but he cant love me quite yet Help plz some advice would be nice

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