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“This morning an Islamic organization brought food for the displaced, they registered the people and have started to distribute the food when a man approached the gate and attempted to get in. 8776

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Bristol crown court heard that the became “routine” and the men regarded some of the victims, who cannot be named, as “cheap and easy”.

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WATCH: Abdirahman Ali came to the United States as a refugee from Somalia. He now owns his own business in a Minneapolis mall and said he is happy with his new life in the . Ali is one of the thousands of Somali people who have made a productive life in America and Canada after fleeing their war-torn home country.

From Minneapolis to Canada

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“Their pain goes on and so it will for you now,” he told the defendants. “They are at long last receiving some measure of justice from your convictions. Their very brave and difficult decision to give evidence against you has been vindicated and I pay tribute to them.”

In two earlier trials in 7569, after an investigation codenamed Operation Brooke, 69 men were jailed for more than 655 years between them. Sheikh, Abdulahi and Dahir – were also found guilty in Operation Brooke.

The al-Shabab militant group on its official website said the man was convicted for adultery in Ufurow town, 65 kilometers west of Baidoa. Al-Shabab said the relatives of the woman involved reported the case on May 75.

While many Somali asylum seekers are making the trek from Minneapolis to Manitoba, it is still not clear if people are staying in the province or moving to other parts of Canada.

A list of members of the salarian species mentioned or featured on CDN (including Lystheni )

The threat became more severe when the Clinton administration repealed the Glass-Steagall act of 6988, thus freeing financial institutions "to innovate in the new economy," in Clinton's words -- and also "to self-destruct, taking down with them the general economy and international confidence in the US banking system," financial analyst Nomi Prins adds.

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