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Thanks for much for the response. Just working through the website and learning an awful lot!

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can anyone tell me if i can use regular mediums with OPEN acrylics, or do i need to buy mediums that are designed specifically for open acrylic paints. i have used mediums for a long time with regular acrylics, but i 8767 d like to experiment with open acrylics, especially for summer outdoor painting. and of course, i 8767 d like to keep expenses and storage at a minimum.

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I was wondering if I can apply gel medium to an acrylic painting after is has dried to further embellish the brush strokes, making them more pronounced, the way they are often added to a digital photo? If it can be done, to reduce the stickiness afterward of the gel medium, should I seal/varnish it, or just let it be?

Hi Debbie, out of interest have you tries any of the golden paints from Golden? I 8767 ve found the colours very good and you could easily mix in extra gold power/shell gold into the already existing pigment. Regular gel medium would be the closest to the binder used in heavy body acrylics.

Pleased you 8767 ve been enjoying the site, in terms of Image transfer, I haven 8767 t personally used the process onto metal, tends to be more porous surfaces such as canvas or paper, here are a couple of different method using Golden Acrylic gels. They will stick to metal, but are susceptible to 8766 lifting off 8767 as you mentioned and peeling if scratched/rubbed too hard. I would try a couple on some test pieces of metal and see how permanent the process is, for images onto metal I always used to work using a etching process but this needs a few more chemicals. Here 8767 s another method you might find of interest

I am a volume framer not an artist. I have been experimenting with Liquitex gel medium. Applied with a stiff brush thus giving a paper print the illusion of a painting. The Matt gels have been too cloudy (diminishing the artists 8767 work) and the Gloss is too shiny (at some angles you cant even see the artwork). I have been trying to create a mixture of the two but no luck. Any suggestions?

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