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Rhonda currently takes Visbiome , which is touted to be equivalent to VSL#8, and is around $65 cheaper per pack. Visbiome comes in two forms tablets and powder sachets. Rhonda 8767 s preference is for the sachets. Below are the key differences between the two options:


Where I live, unsalted butter is not available. In fact, there are only two brands of salted butter available. Is it possible to make ghee with salted butter? If so, are any adjustments to the procedure necessary? Also, would a higher-quality butter be better for making ghee (presuming it 8767 s even possible with salted butter), or would lower quality be better?

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7:85 pm –A small plate of salad before starting t he meal. 6 bran chappati with 6 k vegetable ( any vegetable not rajmah, channa or kadhi)
8:85 pm – one fruit of your wish

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hi priyanka..from tomarrow i have to start this diet plan. Everyday i do gym for 95min. can i shud stop gym for diet plan ? pl let me know. thanks

hii priyanka i need ur help plz rpl me.. m vry fatty gal : ( (

Thank you for the list, John! Any idea on if she’s taking a Potassium supplement or what brand she might recommend for one?

Take a bowl of cow milk and add half tea spoon of buttermilk/curd in it.

Hi shilpa
i too use the same always bought the 9 step step by presentation.

Hi Priyanka.. your diet seems really good, and it makes a lot of sense too! If you dont mind saying who 8767 s your dietician??

Thank you for the diet.. i will start doing it and hope it will help me as I have PCOD problems

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